WSJ quotes from New York Sun about Merger of the Century

by News

There was a time when the Diane Francis argument . . . would have made sense to many Canadians. For much of the 1980’s, polls revealed that about 20% of Canadians were favorable to the idea of a federal union with the United States, without any pay-off at all, except, assumedly, parity on the dollar, which was then worth only around 70 cents American. That was in the era when the status of Quebec was uncertain, and Canada was a high tax country reduced, as a national raison d’ĂȘtre, to touting its supposedly more generous welfare programs.

In the intervening years, the independence of Quebec has receded to high improbability, Canadian taxes have moderated, and the ChrĂ©tien-Martin-Harper governments, building on Brian Mulroney’s use of the GST, have been fiscally prudent. Meanwhile, the United States, following the greatest, most bloodless strategic victory in the history of the world with the non-violent implosion of the Soviet Union and the collapse of international communism, has wallowed in pelagic budgetary and international debt, has debased its currency, and destabilized the world financial system.

Unimaginably, the United States has become a paragon of incompetence in many fields, including strategic thinking. Two trillion dollars and thousands of American lives have been spent in Middle Eastern wars that don’t seem to have yielded the U.S. any benefit.

Before the astonished eyes of the entire world, Wall Street has been exposed as venal and incompetent, American education has ceased, apart from its very highest echelons, to be competitive, a hundred million Americans receive inferior health care, the entire political system has become a hideously expensive, completely cynical image-making and legislative vote-buying operation deadlocked between special interests; and the justice system, upon which America’s original claim to be a light of freedom and the rule of law unto the nations was based, has become a conveyor-belt into the bloated and corrupt prison system (including me).