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New York Post: Keystone Pipeline best revenge against Putin

It’s too late to save Crimea, and possibly half of Ukraine, now that Vlad the Annexer has articulated the Putin Doctrine: Russia will invade any country that “oppresses” its Russian minority. But Putin’s Doctrine is underpinned by Russia’s oil and natural-gas industry, which provides 70 percent of the country’s export income and 52 percent of… Read More

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New York Post: China cheats why let them buy American companies?

This fall, China quietly completed its $4.7 billion purchase of the world’s biggest pork producer, Smithfield Foods of Virginia. This takeover, the subject of Congressional hearings, regulatory oversight and intense lobbying for a few months, represents a precedent that will damage the American economy and cost jobs in the long run. It also may have… Read More

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New York Post: Forget Rob Ford, Canada is chock full of scandal

Toronto’s crack-smoking Mayor Rob Ford is the most famous Canadian in the world. The Charlie Sheen of politics opens his mouth simply to change feet. He’s certainly worked over the Canadian brand, which isn’t all bad. Americans think that Canadians are boring, nice and polite folks who apologize to machinery. In a way, it’s gratifying… Read More

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