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Canada’s Navy has been sinking

Canada’s navy is comprised of hard working personnel, but has been gutted over the years. To counteract this, the navy should be merged with the Canadian Coast Guard, suggested military expert Honorary Colonel Fred P. Mannix of Calgary in a recent email. He pointed out: 1. “At the end of World War II the Royal… Read More

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Why Thomas Mulcair is clearly a national problem

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair has had a couple of red-letter weeks. He moved into the mansion called Stornaway for Opposition Leaders, with its big expense account and Royal trappings. He got tons of attention when he recycled the “Dutch Disease” phrase to blame the booming West for the beleaguered East. ‘Clearly, the guy is way… Read More

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Taxpayers also victims of ‘hot money’ behind Canada’s condo bubbles

The condo bubbles in Toronto and Vancouver are caused by foreign speculation and are making housing unaffordable and creating financial risk for the country in terms of government-insured mortgages. But there’s another issue of vital concern to taxpayers.

There are three times more condo high-rises being built in Toronto than in New York City and seven times’ more than in Chicago. This boom is not the market at work, but is manipulation by “hot money” from abroad.

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