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New Yorker: Merger of the Century Makes a “Practical, Hardheaded Business” argument

From New Yorker Magazine: CANMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL POSTED BY ADAM GOPNIK After a week in which it looked like the Great American Way was closer to a suicide pact than a governing arrangement—with so many undemocratic choke points that the polity strangles—a whole new way of thinking about our domestic arrangements may be in order. A… Read More

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680 News: Diane Francis’ U.S.-Canada Merger Idea Draws Negative Reaction

One of Toronto’s most prominent business knows Canadians might not support it, but she is proposing a Canada-U.S. merger in a new book that is generating a lot of buzz online. It is being denounced as “treason” by some on social media but National Posteditor-at-large Diane Francis makes a strong case for the merger in The Merger… Read More

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