Journalist, author and entrepreneur Diane Francis is Editor-at-Large at The National Post, author of 10 books, regulator contributor to the New York Post and Huffington Post, Adjunct Faculty with Singularity University in Mountain View California and Distinguished Professor at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management. She is an experienced and sought-after speaker on a range of topics such as: the future, Silicon Valley’s reinvention of the world, white collar crime, ethics and morality, energy, corporate and nation-state governance, finance and geopolitics.

She can guide audiences through the worlds of tech and business, politics and social trends. She connects the dots between all these worlds like no other commentator. She is a professional, polished speaker who has addressed audiences around the world.

Here is an NPR interview she did in mid-2016 about the U.S. political election and Canada’s attitude toward American politics and politicians.

Diane’s speech themes, select video clips and upcoming events are listed here.

Full show on McLaughlin Group with Diane about her book about how the U.S. and Canada are slowly merging

Diane explains Trudeau’s election to Americans on NPR in October 2016.

Diane tells NPR listeners about Canadian attitudes toward 2016 U.S. election cycle here.

Diane is interviewed on NRP here — She was the first journalist to discuss, in The Washington Post, the growing trend as a result of the looting of China by wealthy residents and their massive investments into U.S. real estate in 2014.

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Speech Themes

Here are recent clips on three topics — solar, US election and economic outlook — from a keynote given by Diane in 2016 to several thousand real estate professionals.

The Future

The future is being reinvented in Silicon Valley and thousands of other laboratories, start-ups, corporations and universities. Diane Francis has met the players, and is a member of the faculty at Singularity University, started in 2009 by Ray Kurzweil, Peter Diamandis, Google’s Sergey Brin and Larry Page and many other important technology leaders. She knows the players and knows the incredible research and development that is underway there, technologies that will not only bring us cool gadgets in future and labor-saving devices but will transform human existence itself. Diane takes her audiences on this journey into the future which is, actually, closer than everyone thinks. She has also written extensively about everything from solar energy overtaking fossil fuels to Google’s driverless car revolution, the ethical concerns about Airbnb and UberX, robots and the future’s effects on geopolitics and society.

Diane speaking to Canada’s civil servants on exponential technologies in Ottawa and the future of government

Diane speaking at Idea City about disruption by exponential technologies — impacts and facts

Diane speaking then moderating a panel on the future of energy at Singularity University’s Canada Summit.

Diane on the blockchain revolution here.

Diane on the coming solar revolution here.

Diane talks with a panel of financial analysts at Singularity University and CNBC, Deloitte conference Exponential Finance in New York City in 2015.

U.S.-Canada MergerMerger of the Century

No two countries are as integrated as the United States and Canada but they are on a slow collision course with one another and the rest of the world. Francis, a dual citizen and business writer, proposes that the two countries merge in her latest book. She provides reasons why, how a merger or more intense integration would work, how such an audacious proposition would play out politically and what the two countries must do to face an uncertain future, together or apart. She spent four years compiling her book, Merger of the Century and understands the political, social, economic and cultural nuances between the two nations and what unites them.

American Interest podcast American Interest showcases Diane on the differences between the U.S. Presidential and Parliamentary systems.

Also, Diane’s American Interest comparing the Presidential and parliamentary systems in American Interest.

Here is her speech at Singularity University in Mountain View California about her 2013 book.

Energy IndustryThe Energy Sector and Your Business

As a business writer and an energy expert with global experience advising leading energy, utilities and mining multinationals, Francis has an in-depth understanding of stocks, geopolitics, market factors, policy implications, technology advances and green and alternative energy sources. In this talk, Francis presents a uniquely tailored analysis and forecast to help navigate this turbulent industry and better plan for the future of your business.

Women and the WorkplaceWomen and the Workplace

Diane Francis was a pioneer as the first woman to lead a daily newspaper in Canada. She has also broken through glass ceilings socially and corporately throughout her dynamic career. She founded Canada’s prestigious Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards and speaks and writes to male and female audiences about the education and empowerment of girls, work-life balance, board of director quotas, juggling dual roles and dealing with the old boys’ network. In her weekly National Post column, Francis writes extensively about what holds women back – externally and internally – and what to do about it.

Diane writes about Donald Trump’s misogyny in The Guardian.

White Collar CrimeWhite Collar Crime

Diane Francis has written three bestselling books and reported extensively on white collar crime through her columns for the National Post and dozens of other newspapers and broadcast outlets. Her topics range from stock fraud to money laundering, offshore secrecy havens, Ponzi schemes, government entitlement scandals, immigration fraud, boiler rooms, market manipulations and an investigative expose about Bre-X, the world’s largest mining swindle in Canadian History. As a frequent fraud expert on media panels and films, Francis explains how scams are formulated and executed, how they can be scaled by using the Internet, and how white collar criminals think and behave. Francis details how individuals and corporations can protect themselves and what critical changes in government and business policies need to take place. Most recently Diane was featured in In God We Trust, a documentary on the Madoff Scandal.

Diane’s Business Insider piece on how the Chinese launder money.

Diane’s Newsweek and Atlantic Council piece on the symbiosis between organized crime and the oligarchs and politicians in Ukraine and Russia here.

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In God We Trust: The Bernie Madoff Story

Diane Francis at IdeaCity