Singularity University Global Summit Aug. 28-30 San Francisco

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I’m attending and moderating two interesting sessions at the SU Global Summit gathering of alumni and technology experts from around the world.
The three-day event will feature faculty from SU’s illustrious roster and plenty of networking opportunities.
The event is at the Union Square Hilton and my sessions are:
Summit will be held at the Hilton Union Square, which is also the site of our accommodations, if you are staying on-site. Programming kicks off on Sunday, August 28th and will wrap in the early evening on Tuesday, August 30th.

Session 1:

Your Session Title: Sensing the Planet
Your Session Time: Monday 2:30 PM
Other Speakers in the Session: Liz Taylor (, Jon Waterhouse (, Friedemann Freund (

Session Duration: 60 minutes

Session Location: Imperial Theater B

Session Description (Draft): Despite all of our gains through technology in understanding our world, there is still so much we don’t know. How can we continue to gain a better understanding of the dynamics of our finite resources – and become ever better stewards of the planet?

Session 2:
Your Session Title: Are Our Brains Still Evolving?

Your Session Time: Monday 3:35 PM

Other Speakers in the Session: Philip Sabes (, Vivienne Ming (, Anna Maiques, Bruno Olshausen, Leah Krubitzer

Session Duration: 40 minutes

Session Location: Imperial Theater B

Session Description (Draft): We sit at a pivotal time in human development. As science allows us to delve ever deeper into our understanding of how how brains work, do we believe that evolution has stopped? Or are we evolving faster than ever before?

Join the exciting conversation about the future.