June 23: All-day Onward Conference in Calgary featuring Peter Diamandis

by News


Onward is the name of a spectacular all-day conference in Calgary June 23 to introduce Calgary’s talented and entrepreneurial community to the importance and opportunities presented by emerging technologies.

Calgary can become Canada’s Silicon Valley because the template for oil and gas success is exactly the same as it is for technological success: Entrepreneurial spirit, discovery, ideas, invention, risk capital, engineering, science, technology and computing power.

As new technologies replace old, and the importance of fossil fuels plateaus, Calgary’ Chamber of Commerce President Adam Legge has astutely recognized the need to move “Onward”.

Calgary is Canada’s most successful business city and full of educated, technologically savvy people who can move into the future easily.

The Calgary Chamber of Commerce approached me to get Peter Diamandis to address its members and we have collaborated since to turn Peter’s appearance on June 23 into a full-day conference featuring start-ups, Silicon Valley stories with a finale by Peter.

The conference will be held at the BMO Conference Center on Stampede Grounds and register Onward yyc for a once in a lifetime exposure to the future!!!