IPAC Disruptive Conference May 24 in Toronto

by News


I will be one of many speakers who will be discussing the future of government, and governance, in light of technological advances and other trends at the IPAC conference in Toronto. Registry and information is here.

This event will explore the new vision of the public service delivery that embraces disruptive technology transformation

Technology continues to be an increasingly important part of the way citizens, government and business operate. However, a number of enabling technologies are emerging that have the potential to radically reshape and ultimately disrupt the delivery of public services. These enabling technologies draw upon many areas of the broader technology innovation ecosystem and can profoundly change methods of production and delivery of public goods and services, as well as user experiences and interactions. This event will cover several key topics:

* What is the potential of disruptive technologies and what are the specific technologies that can transform government?
* How can governments leverage enabling technologies to increase productivity, innovation and effectiveness?
* What is the role of government, businesses and research institutions in accelerating the creation, commercialization
and adoption of enabling technologies?
* What are the practical examples of disruptive technology-led government transformation initiatives underway and how
is change being managed to support effective transformation?
* What new skills and capabilities are required to leverage disruptive technologies to drive innovation and collaboration?