Intl Women’s Year Panel, March 6 Albany Club Toronto

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Marissa Mayer

The second annual International Women’s Year event will be held on Friday March 6 at the Albany Club on King Street in downtown Toronto. I’m one of two panelists who will talk about our careers and gender issues.
Here’s the pamphlet, email about the event.

12:00 noon Reception

12:20 Welcome and general introductions of head table
Toast to the Queen

12:50 pm Introduction of panel participants by Moderator Meg Sintzel

Questions from panel moderator to all panelists

The 2015 theme for International Women’s Day is “Make It Happen”

1. Both – what has been the key to making it happen in your career and in your personal life?

2. Diane, as you look across the business and political leaders you have interviewed, is there a common theme on how they have made things happen – for their businesses or their nations. Any difference between men and women?

3. Karen, when you look at your experience across the community, city council, TTC and your run for Mayor, would you say it is getting easier for women to make their aspirations happen? What are the obstacles?

4. Both – who has helped you make it happen and how did you ask for the support you needed to make it happen?

5. What advice would you give your younger self to make it happen earlier, more often or with less angst?
1:20 pm Q & A opened up to the room

1:45 pm Conclusion