Hillary Rodham Clinton: Merger idea is “thought provoking”

by Diane Francis

Hillary Clinton

At a recent conference in New York, my husband gave Hillary Clinton an autographed copy of “Merger of the Century: Why Canada and America Should Become One Country”.

She is featured in the book in several sections, notably for her outburst at an Arctic conference sponsored by Canada at which aboriginals, environmentalists and other sovereign stakeholders were uninvited. She left the gathering abruptly and angrily. It was a message to Canada, which claims to control all of its Arctic territory, that the United States did not share that viewpoint.

The Arctic will become a major controversy and confrontation in future. The Russians have declared that the entire Arctic region is Russian and intend to demonstrate that before the United Nations’ authority. The claim is that the continental shelf of Russia extends beneath the entire polar region and that, therefore, the territory and all its resources belong to Russia.

In addition, there is a dispute between Canada and the United States over where and how to draw the 220-mile offshore ownership boundary in the resource-rich Alaska and Northwest Territories regions.

Clinton has also mused about the Arctic issues looming and why the media has remained totally uninterested in the region, not just for resources but also as a future shipping lane.

Within days, I received a wonderful letter from her, on her personal stationary, congratulating me on my book’s publication release. She added “your thesis is certainly thought-provoking” and “my best wishes for a successful publication”.

Clearly, Hillary Rodham Clinton is not only interested, but will be thinking, about the future of the U.S. and Canada relationship more than most thought leaders.