Global Television’s 16×9 documentary on tax cheating and tax havens

by Diane Francis

tax havens and tax cheating documentary

Spent much of this morning with a crew from Global’s magazine-style show, 16×9, on the top of tax cheating by Canadians, Canada’s limp tax collection methods, Canada’s lax rules that allow wealthy persons to leave the country with their money and never pay taxes again. I was interviewed by Global correspondent Alan Carter. The piece will be aired this fall, likely November, and hopefully it will alert Canadians about the tax loopholes that allow wealth to leave the country permanently.

This is the first major investigative effort by any television channel in Canada to probe the tax avoidance and offshore haven phenomena which indirectly drives taxes up on other Canadians. The Irving family wealth, Belinda Stronach’s family wealth, former Prime Minister Paul Martin Jr.’s family wealth are located in foreign tax havens, where they pay little or not tax, even though their wealth was created in Canada.

I have written extensively about the failure on the part of federal politicians to curb these behaviours by passing new laws to make Canadians pay taxes anywhere they live, as do Americans. My most recent column, like so many others I have written over the years, simply doesn’t resonate with federal politicians who are besieged or in the pockets of the armies of lawyers, accountants and others who make millions giving tax avoidance advice.