CBC Hot Doc’s “Condo Game” airs Nov. 21

by News

CBC Hot Doc "Condo Game"

CBC’s Hot Doc series will air at 9 pm EST Nov. 21 “Condo Game” — an expose of the problems behind, and in future concerning, the biggest condo boom in North America, in Toronto as previously in Vancouver.

I’m interviewed in the condo doc following a series of articles I wrote in 2012 exposing the potential money laundering and other games that were being played by condo developers and buyers.

My articles led to a tightening of mortgage lending, to existing and new home buyers, and various other restrictions and investigations about the boom in the hopes of averting a sub-prime catastrophe and escalating house prices for all residents.

Bountiful Films produced the documentary and it promises to expose most of the cracks in the market and will, hopefully, prevent future issues.

Here’s the trailer.