CBC Books: Why Canada and the U.S. Should Merge to Form a Super-Nation

by News

CBC Books

Diane Francis makes her agenda plain in the title of her new book, Merger of the Century: Why Canada and America Should Become One Country. It’s the award-winning columnist and author’s 10th book, and in it she outlines the political and economic reasons why Canada and America should join forces, and provides a number of scenarios illustrating how this could be done. She recently joined Anna Maria Tremonti on The Current to elaborate on her ideas.

“The book provides a menu of options — a huge menu of options for Canadians and Americans to consider,” Francis said. But why would Canada want to join forces with a country that is $300 trillion in debt and so culturally different? “We’ve just got to collaborate because the world around us is becoming more dangerous,” she added.

Her main argument has to do with protecting and developing the Canadian North. Francis pointed out that Canada has natural resources in the North that other countries have their eye on. “Russia has its eye on the Arctic,” she said. “Yes, [on] our North. The three territories are hostile, cold and remote, and hard to explore and develop well, but Alaska is one-third of the size and they have oil flowing, they have 25 seaports and they have rail.”

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