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Unethical Facebook and the Tech Cos Who Spy on Us

The dirty little secret about Facebook Inc., Alphabet Inc. and other tech companies is that their business model is unethical — it is a combination of espionage and propaganda. This week the “data misuse” scandal, involving allegations that a third party obtained 50 million Facebook users to influence the 2016 election, underscores this description and… Read More

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IPAC Disruptive Conference May 24 in Toronto

I will be one of many speakers who will be discussing the future of government, and governance, in light of technological advances and other trends at the IPAC conference in Toronto. Registry and information is here. This event will explore the new vision of the public service delivery that embraces disruptive technology transformation Technology continues… Read More

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Peter Diamandis on 2018 Forecast from Silicon Valley

Technological advances are accelerating at a rapid pace and this year will be no exception. Fasten your seatbelts because here’s a forecast of major trends from Peter Diamandis, one of Silicon Valley’s most influential thinkers and entrepreneurs. Communications: A fifth-generation wireless system, called 5G will roll out this year, allowing users to download a movie in… Read More

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