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Peter Diamandis on 2018 Forecast from Silicon Valley

Technological advances are accelerating at a rapid pace and this year will be no exception. Fasten your seatbelts because here’s a forecast of major trends from Peter Diamandis, one of Silicon Valley’s most influential thinkers and entrepreneurs. Communications: A fifth-generation wireless system, called 5G will roll out this year, allowing users to download a movie in… Read More

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The American Interest: Column Why Tech Giants Must be Reined In

Silicon Valley usurped the role of traditional news media, without assuming any accompanying social responsibilities. The internet, or “Information Superhighway,” transformed the world by connecting people and information quickly. Unfortunately, that storied road is now littered with dangerous drivers, hazards, and highwaymen ready to pounce on unwitting travelers—and police are few and far between. The… Read More

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Keynote Nov. 14: Canada’s Civil Service Conference on Innovation, Ottawa

The Third Annual Clerks and Cabinet Secretaries Conference on Innovation is taking place November 14 in Ottawa. I will be the first keynote for what will be an important and provocative event that will deal with the emerging technologies that are changing the economy, societies, corporations, organizations and governments. It’s been said that structures capable… Read More

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