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Canada’s Healthcare Levels Taxation Playing Field with US

The myth is that Canadians pay dramatically higher taxes, but that’s not exactly true if you consider benefits received. Consider healthcare Our biggest competitive advantage is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s excellent relationship with Donald Trump.Andrew Harrer/Bloomber The show to the south, filled with sex scandals and political hand-wringing, is a distraction that is amusing and… Read More

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US-Canada Customs Union should be priority to help tech revolution

Canada faces an economic “wall” whether protectionists like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders win or whether Hillary Clinton does. The wall is a virtual one erected by Canadian governments that have not made emerging technologies a priority as well as the nature of the physical border and free trade agreement itself. Emerging technologies transform exponentially… Read More

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Money Laundering threat to Global Economy

A recent report by Washington think tank Global Financial Integrity reveals the fatal flaw in the world’s globalized financial architecture: It has not been accompanied by a globalized governance and regulation system. This became alarmingly apparent in 2008 when the world’s financial system collapsed due to incompetence and skullduggery by Wall Street and U.S. mortgage… Read More

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