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Diane Francis report: Stop Violence against Women and Girls

Violence against Women and girls (VAWG)—the systemic abuse and enslavement of females—represents one of the world’s greatest moral challenges. “It’s the great unfinished business of the 21st century,” declared Hillary clinton.(1) In the twentieth century, violence against women has been criminalized in the developed world and sizeable resources have been provided by the un, non-governmental… Read More

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Egypt’s victory and Trayvon Martin

Millions swarmed Egyptian streets this week and the television coverage was as dramatic as it had been during the 2011 Arab Spring. For most of the week, however, CNN remained preoccupied with the murder trial involving the shooting in 2012 of a Florida teenager, Trayvon Martin. At first, this appeared to be American parochialism, but… Read More

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Divine or not, they all need help

Immediately after Pope Francis became the leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics this week, he prayed for guidance. And it’s little wonder. He is the newly elected CEO of the Vatican, a sovereign state, and faces the same crisis as does Washington or Brussels. His bureaucracy is beset by a nasty combination of fiscal constraints due to huge… Read More

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