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Foreign Students Flood Canada’s Universities and Shouldn’t

Canadian universities are preoccupied with attracting foreign students to boost revenues but should be concentrating on preparing the country to meet future technological challenges. There are now 192,000 full and part-time overseas university students in the country, a cohort the size of Regina, out of a total of 1.7 million enrolled students. But the percentages… Read More

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Canada grants won’t build Silicon Valley North, but more Bombardiers

Silicon Valley North? Not one that;’s funded by taxpayers,Postmedia files Canadian governments have historically demonstrated two aptitudes: Raising taxes and giving away grants without proper controls. The latest spree involves the rush to join the ranks of technologically advanced nations. A worthy goal, badly executed by bureaucrats who are handing out billions of tax dollars… Read More

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Keynote Nov. 14: Canada’s Civil Service Conference on Innovation, Ottawa

The Third Annual Clerks and Cabinet Secretaries Conference on Innovation is taking place November 14 in Ottawa. I will be the first keynote for what will be an important and provocative event that will deal with the emerging technologies that are changing the economy, societies, corporations, organizations and governments. It’s been said that structures capable… Read More

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