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Singularity University Mentoring Global Grand Challenge in Mountain View California

Singularity’s Global Grand Challenge is a program that trains and supports 100 persons from around the world to learn about emerging technologies and apply them to devising a project or service that can positively benefit 1 billion people. Among teams that have graduated onto commercialization include Blue Oak (landfill mining of rare earths and metals),… Read More

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June 23: All-day Onward Conference in Calgary featuring Peter Diamandis

Onward is the name of a spectacular all-day conference in Calgary June 23 to introduce Calgary’s talented and entrepreneurial community to the importance and opportunities presented by emerging technologies. Calgary can become Canada’s Silicon Valley because the template for oil and gas success is exactly the same as it is for technological success: Entrepreneurial spirit,… Read More

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Medical Tech Transformation of Human Existence: 100 will be the new 60

Medical technology pioneers believe that 100 years of age will become the new 60 as scientific breakthroughs, software and gadgets extend and improve our lives quickly. This may seem implausible, but med tech iterates as quickly as does information technology. Since the 1970s, our smart phones have become one billion times’ more powerful and swift… Read More

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