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US, Canada Smarten up and Give Consumers Control over their Privacy

Diane Francis: Facebook and Google harvest private data and sell them to the highest bidders; it’s time to shift control to the users Europe has essentially shifted control over private data from the tech company harvesters and their advertisers to the users.Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty Images Diane Francis June 22, 2018 1:11 PM EDT Filed under Diane… Read More

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China’s Big Brother Roll Out in 2020 already Underwa

BIG BROTHER RISING Three Glimpses of the FutureDIANE FRANCIS As the world hurtles toward a systemically digitized existence, some unpleasant alternatives to governance are coming clearly into view. In May, the European Union imposed sweeping laws on technology companies that shift control of data to the customers, protect privacy, and require curation to stop libelous and hate… Read More

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Singularity U Hub piece: Regs on Tech and why

The world’s first stop sign appeared in Michigan around 1915, decades after the first privately owned passenger car came into being. Ever since, laws and regulations have piled up concerning everything from insurance requirements to vehicle safety, road safety, and driver education. Such is the natural order of things. First come the transformative technologies—in this case, the… Read More

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