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Singularity University Mentoring Global Grand Challenge in Mountain View California

Singularity’s Global Grand Challenge is a program that trains and supports 100 persons from around the world to learn about emerging technologies and apply them to devising a project or service that can positively benefit 1 billion people. Among teams that have graduated onto commercialization include Blue Oak (landfill mining of rare earths and metals),… Read More

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Huffington Post: America’s Third World Nation Is A Disgrace

population of Kenya — who live in poverty without adequate health, education, housing, and social benefits. Despite this, candidate Bernie Sanders has found it difficult to gain traction for his anti-poverty policies in the Democratic primary in states where income inequality is highest. The recent exception is West Virginia where he won a resounding victory…. Read More

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May 30-31 Ryerson U bio-tech conference with Singularity University’s Dan Kraft

I’m affiliated with Singularity University and have heard Dr. Dan Kraft speak many times, including at his own Exponential Medicine Conference which I attended in September in San Diego. His knowledge is encyclopedia and he is a one-man intersection between tech and medicine, healthcare, science and genetics. He will be delivering a keynote on May… Read More

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