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US and UK Protectionism will benefit Canada, Australia

The populist U.S. president’s trade war threats against China, Mexico, Germany and others should not be worrisome to Canadians. Nor should Britain’s foolhardy withdrawal from the European Union worry Canada. Ironically, both countries’ withdrawal or revision to regional trade systems could prove to be beneficial to Canada’s trading prospects. By 1946, Canada had become the… Read More

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Russian disinformation ruinous and widespread, new study

Unreality TV: Why the Kremlin’s Lies Stick BY DIANE FRANCIS The Kremlin controls the top three television stations in Russia, according to a new survey of Russian TV news by the Ukraine Crisis Media Center and Estonian Center of Eastern Partnership. On Russia’s three state-controlled TV channels, anti-Europe news was shown an average of eighteen… Read More

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Poroshenko’s, and Ukraine’s, Last Chance to Fight Corruption

An Anti-Corruption Court is the capstone that will complete an infrastructure to eliminate Ukraine’s systemic corruption and to attract massive investments. President Petro Poroshenko’s current proposal misses the mark, and fails to meet the criteria stipulated by the International Monetary Fund and the Council of Europe’s Venice Commission. Under Poroshenko’s bill, international experts will play… Read More

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