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Diane Francis: Ottawa is letting petty politics sabotage the nation’s only engine of economic growth and job creation

It’s alarming that Montreal’s mayor shot off his mouth last week in an attempt to block the Energy East pipeline project to bring oil to Quebec and the Atlantic provinces for consumption and export. This followed a decision by the B.C. government to oppose expansion of an existing pipeline, the Trans Mountain line, to bring… Read More

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George Soros liked Justin Trudeau, but Preachy DeCaprio gets cool reception

DAVOS — There is no better, bigger geopolitical theatre than the annual assemblage of the rich, famous and powerful at the World Economic Forum. This year’s superstar was Hollywood’s Leonardo DiCaprio, whose acceptance speech for a Forum award lambasted Big Oil and, indirectly, lectured the business audience itself. He did not get a standing ovation…. Read More

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Ukraine’s Energy War with Russia, Canadian Gas Magazine

INTERNATIONAL The Demand for Energy Security in Ukraine – Interview with Andriy Kobolev, Chairman and CEO of Naftogaz by Diane Francis Issue 4, 2015 Diane Francis visited Ukraine in June as a journalist, the latest of her many visits there dating back to 1992. She wrote this about the country’s natural gas monopoly Naftogaz, Ukraine’s… Read More

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