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Germany Moves to Take a Bigger Role by Expanding Military

First published August 26, 2016 in the National Post National Post BAYREUTH, Germany – Police guard the main entrance to Richard Wagner’s storied Festival Hall for the first time in years. The security protects opera buffs who travel here every summer, amid concerns about protests or worse. The police presence underscores a new reality. Germany,… Read More

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King Solar by 2020: Show in Silicon Valley Five Killer Trends

SAN FRANCISCO — It has been said that renewable energy is the energy of the future and always will be. But the tipping point is nigh, thanks to Germany’s leadership, China’s pollution catastrophe and technological advances in battery storage, materials science and software. At this year’s giant solar show – Solar 2016 – a future… Read More

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June 23: All-day Onward Conference in Calgary featuring Peter Diamandis

Onward is the name of a spectacular all-day conference in Calgary June 23 to introduce Calgary’s talented and entrepreneurial community to the importance and opportunities presented by emerging technologies. Calgary can become Canada’s Silicon Valley because the template for oil and gas success is exactly the same as it is for technological success: Entrepreneurial spirit,… Read More

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