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New York City June 7-9 Exponential Finance conference presenter

I’m moderating panels for Singularity University’s Exponential Finance conference in New York June 7 to 9, 2017. This is the best exposition of fintech advances, future ideas, and practices in the world — by Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley (or New York City). CNBC is a sponsor along with many important banks and corporations. Fintech will… Read More

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Ryerson U. conference Oct. 7 keynote

I’m speaking at a Ted Rogers School of Management event, Ryerson’s business school and the largest in Canada by far where I have been a Distinguished Visiting Professor since 2008. It’s a one-day Commerce and Government conference on the federal election and I will speak on “a business perspective concerning elections”. I will address how… Read More

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Huffington Post: Jeb Bush’s Big Education Idea

A nation is only as successful as its ability to educate its population and bootstrap its less fortunate children. Interestingly, it has taken a Republican, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, to reform the public education system successfully and achieved impressive results. Both countries (U.S. then Canada) spend more than any others on education, as a… Read More

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