Canada-US merger by 2050: McLaughlin Group host

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McLaughlin Group

“I predict that by the year 2050 the U.S. and Canada will be merged into one super nation…mutual necessity and shared values will drive us together” — John McLaughlin on his PBS show aired April 18, 2014

This is the panel discussion about Merger of the Century on the McLaughlin Group, a much-followed Beltway show hosted by its founder John McLaughlin. A Washington insider, McLaughlin originally scheduled five minutes to highlight my book and put me on the panel. Then he read the book two days before taping and his producer asked me if it was okay to feature the book for the entire show. I was very honored, to say the least.
This is the show with regular panelists Mort Zuckerman, Pat Buchanan and Eleanor Christ and myself.
It was a terrific discussion, sometimes heated, that will make lots of people think about the future relationship of these two countries and friends.