Who Owns Canada Now

Old Money, New Money and the Future of Canadian Business

Diane Francis returns with a follow up bestseller to Controlling Interest: Who Owns Canada? Based on extensive interviews and enlivened by Diane Francis’s incisive analysis, Who Owns Canada Now is a guidebook to the transformation of wealth and power in Canada.

In 1986, Diane Francis’s landmark bestseller Controlling Interest: Who Owns Canada? dominated national lists for a full year with its hard-hitting revelations about the concentration of wealth in Canada. More than 20 years later, Francis returns to take the pulse of Canadian business again—and finds that it’s stronger than ever. Although the headlines that have dominated the media for the past two decades might lead us to believe that the concentration of power has only increased, Francis shows that the opposite is true: free trade and tough competition legislation have given financial clout to a broad and powerful cast of leaders offering innovative policies and visions.

Of the 32 influential families profiled in Controlling Interest, fewer than half remain major players; of the five conglomerates originally profiled, only one remains intact. Today’s economic drivers are people like Clay Riddell, Gerry Schwartz, the Burnetts, the Hos and the Aspers.