Underground Nation

The Secret Economy and the Future of Canada

Underground Nation: The Secret Economy and the Future of Canada

Canadians are leaving their country in droves. They are hiding their savings in offshore tax havens or, like Florida snowbirds, retiring south of the Canada-U.S. border. Heading in the same direction are firms fed up with the red tape and rapacious taxation policies of successive Canadian governments.

Meanwhile, millions of immigrants, refugees and illegal aliens have entered Canada specifically to take advantage of the most generous and comprehensively mismanaged system of health and social benefits in the world. Their cheating costs Canadians billions of dollars annually. Canadian governments either deny that it’s happening or helplessly wring their hands.

The fact is, Canada’s political leader have been so out of touch with Canadian reality for so long that a kind of resigned alienation has set in among the people they govern. The tax burden, bureaucratic over-regulation, unfair labor laws, and the obsession with Quebec have combined to divide citizens and rulers with results that may well be disastrous. Canada will not survive as a seperate nation if things go on as they are.

Underground Nation is the most thought-provoking, and indeed, disturbing book yet by Canada’s most controversial financial commentator.