The Diane Francis Inside Guide To Canada’s 50 Best Stocks

Which are the best-managed companies for investors? Which are the most undervalued? Which ones are on the cutting edge of future trends? Diane Francis, Canada’s most outspoken business journalist, selects the 50 best stocks that are the most likely to reap high returns for Canadian investors as the 1990’s unfold.

Francis’s research includes original interviews with CEO’s and stock market watchers, analysis of past performance and present trends, and the unique opportunities and pitfalls presented by individual companies. The 50 best stocks include growth stocks that are short on capital gains but long on dividends: and the riskier long-shots that are ideal for those willing to speculate rather than invest. The Diane Francis Inside Guide to Canada’s 50 Best Stocks is essential for every Canadian investor who wants to know the hottest stocks on the market.