Stock-Market Fraud and Money Laundering in Canada

Contrepreneurs: Stock-Market Fraud and Money Laundering in Canada

Is Canada the new haven for white-collar criminals? The fact is that Canada’s high-tech contrepreneurs are swindling the nation….and, for the most part, they are getting away with it. In this astonishing book, top journalist Diane Francis takes us inside three types of notorious contretemps activity.

Part I shows how crooks bilked international investors of $6 billion by selling phone stock over the telephone. This type of ‘telemarketing’ boiler operation is a lucrative and virtually untraceable method of swindling.

Part II examines stock-market scams, many of which run through the Vancouver or Alberta stock exchanges. Swindlers have even managed to bring down a British MP, Jeffrey Archer, and have preyed upon King Hussein of Jordan.

Part III investigates money laundering and how the cash of crooks, drug kingpins, and business people alike ‘disappears’ into the financial system so it can be hidden from tax collectors, partners, ex-wives, or the police.

Contrepreneurs are not thugs- they are well-educated and well-connected con artists who are taking advantage of Canada’s lax regulations to reap a fortune. This stunning report takes you inside their world- where they may be wheeling and dealing with your money.