A Matter of Survival

Canada in the 21st Century

A Matter Of Survival: Canada In The 21st Century

Global Restructuring. Free Trade. New World Order. These and other phrases have been creeping into our everyday conversation. But what do they mean? What really is happening?

In A Matter of Survival, Canada’s foremost economic commentator argues that the world is changing drastically. The formation of trading blocs in Europe, the Americas, and the Far East, is proceeding slowly but irrevocably. The locus of power is shifting away from the great nations that have dominated the globe since the end of the Second World War toward the burgeoning developing world.

For Canada and Canadians , this is a dangerous and exciting time. The wrong policies pursued now can set back the country a decade or more. The right policies will help to usher in an era of unprecedented prosperity.

Diane Francis has witnessed first hand the changes that are overtaking the world. She reports on the way things really are in the Near and Far East, in Eastern and Western Europe, in Asia and the Americas. This is not a book about theory; it’s about the hard choices to be made now. It’s a matter of survival.