Merger of the Century by Diane Francis
From bestselling author, Diane Francis
Comes Her 10th Book

Merger of the Century

Why Canada and America Should Become One Country

No two nations in the world are as integrated, economically and socially, as are the United States and Canada. Diane Francis builds both a strong political argument and a compelling business case, treating our two countries not only as sovereign entities but as merging companies.

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Don Tapscott, Author, Wikinomics, for the Toronto Star:
"Francis’ “thought experiment” is a must read — meticulously documented, calmly and rationally argued. Commanding a rich knowledge of world political and economic history, she paints a compelling tapestry that is hard to dismiss."

Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker
"Francis also makes the shrewd point that the two outlier regions in both countries—Quebec in Canada, and the American South—have been allowed to unduly distort the politics of both countries, with Quebec’s suspicions tugging Canada hard to the left and the South’s paranoias pulling the United States far to the right. The outliers, in this scheme, would be bypassed, or perhaps seduced: Quebec’s tropism for America is famous, and the Quebecois might “overwhelmingly opt for the merger, as they did in 1988 with free trade, if only to get out from under English-Canadians.”

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